1. Harjyot

    New Bie

    Hi, My Name is Harjyot from India, New Delhi, I’m working as a professional trader and a technical analyst from more than 6 years. And Traderji community is one of the best trading community on internet. I thanks for those who made this site.
  2. P

    Hello Traders

    My Name is Pankaj and I am Working in a MNC IT company and Doing the day trade from last 1 Year( whenever i get time :D ). I use Moving Average, Support and Resistance line to carry on the Trade. Most of the time my technical Analysis is correct but i am not able to execute the trade...
  3. A

    Hi .. this is amit

    Hello everyone, I am amit from Bhubaneswar. I have been trading since 2009 and I seek to gain more knowledge about technical analysis for trading in the futures market. I have been researching a lot about technical analysis for the past 4 years. Hope I would learn a lot from the experienced...
  4. H

    Hi Traders

    Hi Traders , This is Asir :thumb: from Tiruchy , interested in Forex Trading. :!:!
  5. A

    Intro of mine

    Hi friends, Good to have you all. Spent entire day reading threads here and found them useful. I am new to trading however I have played gamble by buying puts calls stocks blindly with no research whatsoever. Read threads posted here and then realised how ignorant I was few weeks before. I...
  6. T


    Hello Trading world, I am entering into this world to learn about trading, share market and guidance for trading
  7. hisendil


    hi i am new to trading. interested currency trading i request you all guide me to have profitable trading.
  8. T

    New to site Intro

    Hello Team, Happy to join Traderji. (Better late than never) :thumb: Reg, Sundar
  9. B

    Hello future successful traders.

    Hello Guys. It is my first post and I am glad that I've started to trade on Forex. I see there is a lot of peoples with common interests and I would like to share with them with my knowledge, observations, conclusions etc. and get back the same valuable information. Hope we gonna be friends and...
  10. D


    I am just in and trying to do something in a small way. Good luck to one and all .
  11. S

    hi to all

    hi friends , im shiva, chennai . just now entered share mkt.i come to ask more and share here. members help me to find the way. thank you:thumb:
  12. M


    Hi there! I'm a newbie too. I haven't got any trading experience but have got a teeny legacy from dad(a few shares that I have no clue about!) I have a few questions - 1 What do I need, apart from a DEMAT account, to start trading? 2 How do I decide what to invest in -...
  13. V


    Hi vinay here I wanted to explore the finance region our country provides for citizens. and when it came to tax deductions i stumbled on mutual funds and then to equities and now trying my luck here. i am a beginner trader and have a interest to learn more to be financially sound when i...
  14. PutFuture

    Hello Members

    Hi, Wish you all a very happy and profitable 2012. Just joined this wonderful forum of like minded people. Apart from learning, excited to share my trades and strategies with you guys. Briefly about myself: Based out of Pune, Maharashtra. Trade Commodities - Crudeoil, Nifty Index...
  15. N

    Intro from Hyderabad

    Hi there I am Narendra, a 38 year old who is thinking of getting into Trading on a full time basis. After working in the corporate world for the past 17 years (and have nothing much to show for it), I am looking at this as a profession in all seriousness. I know it seems like the worst thing...
  16. I

    Hello folks!!

    This is a great platform for beginners to learn the basics of investing and amateurs to guide the people. Glad to have found this website. Happy Investing!
  17. M


    Hi Friends,
  18. R


    Hey Fellow Traders, I m fairly new in the trading arena. Came this January to invest and earn from the secondary market. My trading seesions are far fetched as my investment is blocked due to the fall from the peak. My major investments are in banks and realty. Traderji is a site which i...
  19. P

    hi traders !!!

    Hi guys, i am prem working in a software industry. having passion to trade and in doing business.. need all ur help and support to learn trading .. thanks to all in advance and wish u all a happy new year ...:):):):)
  20. S


    Hi Friends, Today I joined this group due to my friend's suggestion. I have been trading from one year in the secondary market. Mostly I do short term trading. So I am not a newbie but not even an expert. I got inspired to join this group after reading Saint's thread which tells -...