1. P

    hi traders !!!

    Hi guys, i am prem working in a software industry. having passion to trade and in doing business.. need all ur help and support to learn trading .. thanks to all in advance and wish u all a happy new year ...:):):):)
  2. S


    Hi Friends, Today I joined this group due to my friend's suggestion. I have been trading from one year in the secondary market. Mostly I do short term trading. So I am not a newbie but not even an expert. I got inspired to join this group after reading Saint's thread which tells -...
  3. R


    Hi I M new in share market. Mujhe basic knowlege kaha par milen ga share market ka. Or mai SBI ONLINE DEMAT A/C trading ke liye kaisa rahega .
  4. N

    Hello Traderji

    Hi dear friends, I am very new to this forum and hope to learn from all of you. Rgds/Nash
  5. S

    hi freinds

    I m sekar ,i have been trading for the past six years I m interested in technical analysis and F & O looking for some free softwares tools techniques for trading .In all i am building my own trading system Want to share the wisdom of our learned friends
  6. S

    Introduction New Member

    Hi Everybody.. CHEERS! I am new to this forum. I am interested in COMMODITY, CURRENCY mostly. I cleared NCFM certification. And preparing for few more papers. Working with a reputed Stock Broking Firm in New Delhi since 2005. I am keenly interested in Technical Analysis. Anybody who can help me...
  7. A

    Hello everybody

    Hii everyone.. This is Aruhi Saxena, I am not new to trader ji. Before I was here but got banned cuz they said that i am promoting comercial website while i was just mentioning my blog. Anyways I am back here again, and try to avoid such mistakes... and traderJi Rockz... :thumb:
  8. Ratzilla666

    Hello Everyone!

    Although I have been investing for leisure for quite some time, last two months have been very fruitful. I work for an MNC and didn't know the value of money. It used to come at the end of every month and I had spent some and saved some. Didn't care much about it. I had an incident in my...
  9. Z


    Hi All, I am Abhishek Jain. I am new to this forum. Please guide me. Regards Abhishek Jain
  10. Z

    Hi...... :)

    I am Zaheed Saidani. New in the world of trading and investing. Just completed my MBA Finance. Looking forward to implement all the strategies and tools learnt in my college. But before that I want some help on how to get started; which is what brought me here to this forum. So...
  11. S

    Hi there

    Helllo there, 1) Your trading/investing experience. I am a day sometimes, swing trader. 2) The number of years you have been investing or trading in the markets. 2 years 3) Your area of interest - IPO's/secondary market/futures/options/commodities, etc. futures 4) How do you...
  12. P

    The introduction

    i am pankaj one year experience in trading have seen ups and downs. over all experice is not different form others. want more information/ knowledge for better understanding the ternd. my greetings and best wishes to traderjee users. -happy investing...
  13. S

    Hi -Newbie Trader

    Hi I I am Sunny here , I am a learner in stock market . I just want to share my story how I ventured into stock (6 months back)market, now even though I wanted to enter earlier. I wanted to buy Imported Cycle costing 30-40K . Since I had upto 20K I thought i might make up balance money...