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Hi there

I am Narendra, a 38 year old who is thinking of getting into Trading on a full time basis. After working in the corporate world for the past 17 years (and have nothing much to show for it), I am looking at this as a profession in all seriousness. I know it seems like the worst thing to do, so would love to hear what you have to say about it. Have any of you made the switch successfully? If so what are/were the pitfalls/difficulties?

I have been investing in the stock market for over a decade and did make some money out of it, which was spent in acquiring real assets like a home. A long spell of joblessness is making me to consider this as an option. Would like to day trade and invest for the short term as well. Day trading will come when I think I can read the fast paced market well.

Right now reading up and doing a lot of learning from books and so on. Have known and have added some more of Technical analysis knowledge as well. Trying to learn how to put Technical analysis to day trade and short term trading.

So here is what i am for:
Learn a lot more from people more knowledgeable and experienced than me. Anything from "don't get into this" to "you need this and this before you can get into this". Or anything that you have learnt and would not mind sharing.

What would be the minimum capital that you would say would be good to make a start?

What kind of and how long of a learning curve are we looking at here?

What kind of return's (on annual basis) do you manage to get thru day/short term trading?

Anything that you would like to point me to or see as a new comer here?

Note: I have done quite a bit of reading/learning till now and know quite a bit about the markets, but would like to hear your take or experiences. I am just about starting to research/look around this site and I find it is a treasure trove of info, but would take time to go thru.

Thanks for reading thru and any advice you have.


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Welcome to the trading world.


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Hi Narendra,

Come to markets , not just to earn but for learning.Let your learning earns
for you.If you have passion ,there is nothing that stops you.

Happy trading.


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Market itself is a teacher to you....

leave the books.....
dont look for anyone to teach you or discuss anything...
learning how charts are made is enough..candle stick , bar which ever you like...not much
dont fall into too much of technical indis... and all.....

Learn Money management and start exploring market yourself.

First thing you should with is start making and noting least for 1 or 2 month.... dont jump on trading...

When you see your observation in action and working dead right will automatically come to know ...when to start trading....

Thats all is there to trading......making your observations and making it as Hobby observe.
Hi Naren,

Welcome to the traderji world. This site is very good, you can find tons of info here. I am also from Hyderabad and I am learning things. Best of luck and share me if you have any good thoughts.:clapping:

I am happy to see that you have a very good introduction here, actually i am new to this forum too.

I'd been dealing with forex for more than 3 years. I love forex more than dealing with domestic stocks.

You'd got a good money in your stock investment. I believe you can be learning forex trading really fast.

open a demo account first, when you feel confident, start with a small live account. when you know how to control risks, you can deposit more money in your account.

develop your own strategy and make a reasonable expectation on your return.
i will help you go a long way in this exciting and volatile market.
Hi All

Thanks for the welcome. Feeling warm already.

Am currently reading a lot of things here as well as others.

But as you rightly said, there is no better teacher than actually getting your hands dirty. Of course paper trading ONLY first, then actual trading. Will be a regular here from now. Just don't have much to share or post here as of now.

Thanks once again.

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