Moving to US for Short-Term. Can I Trade Online Normally as if I am in India?

Hello friends,

I would be moving to US for about 6-7 months as my company is sending me there for a new project. I have demat account with Sharekhan linked with my HDFC Bank's salary account. I normally do everything online.

I would be going with L1 B visa. It would be great if someone can help me in following queries:

1. Can I invest in Indian markets/stocks as if nothing's happening and I am in India itself?

2. If it's not the same, do I need to notify Sharekhan or HDFC bank about the same?

3. What would be the tax implications? As I would not be in India, I will not be paying tax here. I am entitled to pay tax in US, but when it comes to capital gains tax what should I do? By the way, my stock investments are pretty small-less than 2 lakh.

4. I wish to start SIP in some of the Mutual Funds through Sharekhan. Is it going to be different if I move to US?

5. Can I use the NetBanking facility of HDFC bank as I use it right now? For example: Transferring funds to my friends/family members will be no different?

I will be grateful if someone can help me out with these questions.

Thank you very much!


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