1. L

    Candlestick Pattern - Abandoned Baby HDFC July 12 , 2018

    Hello everyone , Today abandoned baby pattern formed in HDFC....What are your thoughts on that ? Anyone buying ? HDFC OPEN : 2148.05 HIGH : 2179.1 LOW: 2148.05 CLOSE:2165.2 # OF TRADES : 3805.0 # OF SHARES : 79971.0 NET TURNOVER : 173483000.0
  2. S

    Are the monthly dividends sustainable in the future?

    Kindly let me know that shall I be receiving my monthly dividends regularly, for I heard that monthly dividends are going to be stopped!
  3. R

    Lapse Policy

    Hi, I have some hdfc SL crest policy, which is paid once only and it has lapsed...i was told i will get refund only after 5 years...with 4% interest.... Can anyone please suggest ...can i get this refund before the stipulated time or any best alternative solution.... Thanks, rahul
  4. B

    Question for NRIs with HDFC Securities

    I(Non-US NRI) recently opened NRE,NRO,demate and trading accounts with HDFC. To my surprise, I found out that I can only trade in equities and ETF on their trading platform:annoyed::annoyed:. To me this is a big big surprise, how a trading platform not allow MF transaction when all major...
  5. L

    Best Online broker for NRI

    As a resident I had an ICICIDirect trading account and was very happy with the website, although the brokerage is very high compared to others. Since my change of status to NRI I am looking for a good online broker. The effective brokerage for Delivery including taxes & other charges for...
  6. S

    HDFC vs Angel vs Sharekhan

    Hey, Today i enquired about the brokerage of HDFC ,Sharekhan & angel. can anyone share their personal experiences with any of these?? i see lot of negative reviews against HDFC... HDFC check hdfc SEC link they charge 25 Rs or 0.5% of amount.. No opening charges 1st year AMC is...
  7. rishionline

    HDFC ISA - How to stop SIPs

    Friends, I am running 5 SIPs with HDFC ISA. I started all these SIPs 10 months back and now wanted to do a re-balancing by closing/stopping 2 of them and starting 2 new with diffrent funds. But I DO NOT see any link of facility to STOP these SIPs. There are links to Redeem, Switch...
  8. E

    Banks knee jerk reaction to SB rate deregulation

    In a couple of days, analysts will come out with their detailed analysis of today's RBI announcement, and then, the reaction will be that SB rate deregulation is not as bad a factor as it is made out to be. - Firstly, out of the CASA ratio, on average, Current Accounts account for over 40% of...
  9. A

    IPO using HDFC overdraft account

    Anybody tried using HDFC overdraft account to apply for IPO thru ASBA? If yes, few questions. 1. Do you need HDFC trading account as well to apply? 2. Can you use the overdraft limit against the blocked amount? thanks, Aniket
  10. I

    Require Help in Reviewing my SIP MF portfolio

    I have been investing for nearly one year thru SIP in below funds (all growth option). As a general thumb of rule every year, I want to review my portfolio and remove non performing funds or modify my portfolio with experts advice. Please suggest whether my portfolio is good or any changes...
  11. V

    Endowment Supreme or HDFC HLPP

    Hi Friends, I have taken home loan from HDFC and want to secure that by taking insurance. HDFC ppl are suggested me Endowment Supreme plan that covers 10 L by paying 25 K premium for 3 year. Which will give benefits after wards also as its a ULIP. HLPP - Home Loan Protection Plan for 20 L...
  12. G

    How much total brokerage do you guys pay

    In intraday... I mean total brokerage in Rs. for eg today i paid Rs. 2000 in brokerage after a profit of Rs.9,500, what abt you guys? Whats your daily trading volume? I do through hdc sec , and pay .1% for intraday trades, What abt you guys? Thanks
  13. R

    Revisiting MF Portfolio with good funds

    Currently I have below funds invested thru SIP's with portfolio size of 8 funds. Large Cap ----------- HDFC Top 200 Fund (G) Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Fund Plan A (G) DSP BlackRock Top 100 Equity(G) Large/Mid Cap --------------- Reliance Regular Savings Equity (G) Mid Cap...
  14. I

    Creating IDEAL Portfolio

    I wanted to create an ideal and generic equity funds portfolio where most of investors can use it. Please help with suggestions for making a ideal portfolio. 1. HDFC Top 200 2. DSP Top 100 3. Birla Frontline Equity Plan A 4. Reliance Regular Saving Equity 5. IDFC Premier Equity Plan...
  15. M

    HDFC Mutual Fund Online Services

    I have created a new account with HDFC Bank.In addiion,I have also created an investment services account with HDFC bank.However,when i logged in to the account,it seems that due to the new SEBI guidelines of the entry load waiver,the HDFC has shutdown this facility intermittenly.Has anyone any...
  16. J

    Hello All

    Hi Eveyone, Can anyone help me in getting a full guide on how to use HDFC securities for trading stocks.The website structure and the options available are not completely understandable by me.