Net Liquidation Value

Hi Friends,

I had Rs.10,000 in my hdfc securities trading account & I purchased 5 shares of Hero motor corp today(26-9-2012) at Rs.1915/share(1915*5=Rs. 9575) + Brokerage charges = Rs.67. Total= 9575+67= Rs.9642 was deducted from Rs.10000. Now, Balance should be equal to Rs.358 in my account after all these transactions.

But, my account displays Rs. 0 as the limit available now. Also, it says total asset value & net liquidation value = Rs. 9961.(10000- 9961= 39. I am again charged Rs.39 for no reason)

What is the reason for liquidizing Rs.358 of mine ? Can i use this Rs.358 for future transactions?

Total Assets & Net liquidation value provides you the details in limit option till the trade gets settled. However which gets changed as per the market value of the particular stock which is only for your reference purpose.

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