Lets talk current fundamental

is this helpfull

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they say : >>>
without fundamental analysis, you are gambling
without technical analysis, you are blindfolded in the market
and without risk analysis, you have no control

about me i am just a trader like many of you, apart from my education which is in a completely different stream. i am trying to understand the market for about 2 and 1/2 years now.
this is my second account in traderji, i closed first one being annoyed about some of my posts were deleted. then i realized this is a forum and own nothing here, anyway that time "SavantGarde" helped me a lot. so thanks SG. hopefully you will be there this time also.
playing metal, we should first take a look at the global commodity cycle.

then CHINA, if they are slowing down, there is no point of depending on metal
why TATAMOTORS gone up not M&M ?
i think there is some thing to do with the size of the cars they make, funny right, in 2009 the govt decided (may be in budget), there will be tax benefit for the cars that are less then 4miters, that means small cars, like NANO etc.
i think there will be some good news for the small car makers. may be market discounting that in price.

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