Comparing results of intraday explorations and highlighting new stocks on the list


I use Amibroker to Scan/Explore market during the session (Real Time Data). I have some explorations which I run every 5-15 minutes. The problem is, that the result of each exploration is a quite long list of shares meeting my criteria. That is OK when I run the exploration for the first time (each day) - I check them all and choose the most interesting shares - which I follow during the rest of the session. But I would like to modify my explorations, so that Amibroker (after performing next exploration(s)) would compare results with prior one and highlight in some way stock(s) which have appeared on the list - among others for the first time. That would be very usefull because It would let me notice immidiately new interesting stocks - I wouldn't have to go through all the results every time. I was searchnig the Net for solution, checking manual, but I could't find any hint. I'm sure it is doable.

I would be very grateful for Your help and suggestions. Thanks in advance.

Re: Comparing results of intraday explorations - highlighting new stocks on the lis

I think I should use static string variable - (StaticVarSetText - sets the value of static string variable and - StaticVarGetText - gets the value of static string variable) to compare results of two consecutive Explorations. I only want to highlight new items(stocks) on the list (which were not present in the results of the prior exploration) not the exact results, but frankly I don't know how to add such modifications to existing explorations and how to compare the array of such variables.

Any suggestions?
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