1. P

    Make EOD Data file from Excel for all Cash, Future & option,MCX, NCDEX ....

    Here is the link http://www.traderji.com/end-day/48662-make-eod-data-file-excel-all-cash-future-option.html Regards Suhas
  2. G

    Fresh NSE EOD Data from 1st jan 2006 till 29th Sep 2010

    Hey Guys, I've download the latest copy of the NSE EOD data today just wanted to share with you. The data is from 01-01-2006 till 29-09-2010 The current data structure is bit different from the older one.. current columns contains (as on 29/09/2010):-...
  3. N

    Google Finance - EOD downloader

    In my quest for a EOD data downloader I came across this application Name : Quote Downloader 3.0 You can download it from the below. http://www.quotedownloader.com/. Google Finance has very good data quality hence it would be better to download from GF as opposed to yahoo, which...
  4. D

    How? Pick Stock from EOD data for trade without using costly software

    Its very difficult unless you have some software to pick which are the stocks which are going to move up or down in next coming days, I am a beginer, would like to know if there's any way if we can use the EOD data of the day or previous few days. to analyze which stocks are going to move up or...
  5. P

    Need help with quotetracker

    I have just begun trading & have little knowledge about technical analysis ( doing a lot of reading to understand things) & softwares.. etc. I have checked few of the above ones & found them complicated to understand, so i decided to try Quote Tracker. Since i m looking after NSE data only it is...
  6. P

    Calculating gold eod prices when current future contract ends and next month contract

    Dear friend, Help me in calculating seamless end of the day prices from mcx future prices for charting. Switching current month contract prices to future month at end of the month creates jump in charts,Because of the premium in next month contract. Thanks in advance, Jay
  7. S

    Hai to all TRADEJI's

    Hai My name is Siva and I am new to this tradeji.com. I am invester-cum-trader for the last 1 year. I usually invest in MFs and trade in Stocks. I would like to increase my potentially by trading in stocks. I am recently downloaded Amibroker and getting feed from Quotetracker. All these...
  8. D

    EOD Nifty Fut & Options data for 08-09

    is it possible to download all daily traded future and options data for a single script / index with minimal clicks. all i want is EOD data [ list of columns as mention below ] of all traded contracts of nifty on daily basis from apr08 to mar09 [ financial year 08-09 ] Instrument Type...
  9. R

    Eod candlesticks charts

    hello friends where can i get eod (n intraday if possible) candlesticks charts of cash n futures for free cheers
  10. D

    Need information about NSE, BSE EOD data format

    Hi. I am developing software tool for technical analysis especially for Indian Stock Market. For this I need to download and use eod data from NSE and BSE stock Exchanges. The data should be in ascii, csv files. Can anybody suggest a source where I can find out more about NSE, BSE eod file formats?
  11. xtalk

    MetaStock EOD Data downloader updated

    Folks, An updated version of MetaStock compatible "NSE & BSE EOD Data downloader" available now in this thread. It now offers to download Futures EOD data. Thanks! xTalk
  12. D

    Free nse eod daily data here

    Hi Friends, Download the NSE EOD Data equities from link provided here. The data is in rar format. I will try to update daily. download link for 08/08/2008 nse data. http://***.esnips. com/web/My ShareSpace Please remove the spaces from the link. Thank You.