eod data

  1. P

    getbhavcopy replacement

    Any getbhavcopy replacement which will download EQ & Futures data from nse website.
  2. S

    EOD Data

    MCX EOD Data From 1st Nov to 4th Nov 2021 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-CxgW_S4U4GdWmMWGa8ZZYCwMTNnFlSR/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-5JGZ3FDpnLhkynp-XnXnHOh9l96obFs/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-5I9GeXN2oCHbG0IW2jvkO44O8eTMDd3/view?usp=sharing...
  3. S

    Want EOD data from yahoo

    Dear Traders I want software for downloading EOD data from yahoo. Because I use that for USA markets too Thanks in advance
  4. Y

    Participant wise Open Interest historical data

    Hi, looking for Participant wise Open Interest historical data for past 1-3 years, wanted to check if any how have that data in excel, is it possible to share them? Thanks
  5. F

    Alternative of Amiquote

    Do we have a alternative of Amiquote? The free version allows us to only update 10 scrips. Can we have a Python script to download NSE all scrips EOD data from yahoo or quandl in amibroker readable format? I tried reading amibroker database but it is in binary format so we can’t directly...
  6. S

    Regarding Hakija: NSE End of day data downloader

    Hello TraderJi members, As you know Hakija has not been working for quite some time. A couple of people have written to me asking me to fix it. I already have a job and family that keeps me busy. I can consider fixing if the effort is justified, moneywise. Hence this poll.
  7. T

    NSE EOD Tick data

    Hi All, I would like to get EOD data for nse stocks everyday. Kindly suggest me the options available. Both paid and free options are welcome. Thanks in advance, San
  8. T

    NSE / BSE - EOD data for Metastock NEEDED

    Hi All, I am looking for EOD data for BOTH NSE / BSE which is upto date. If anyone is kind enough to share it that would be highly appreciated. I focus on small caps and mid-caps so I am looking for maximum no. of securities in the database. The data already available in the forum seems to be...
  9. M

    Nse Equity EOD Data Bhav Copy Files From 1995 to 2017

    Dear All, I have Uploaded NSE Equity Bhav Copy (CSV Files) and Amibroker Database (Data Imported) in Google Drive. NSE Equity Bhav files Available from 01-Jan-1995 to 31-Dec-2017. Download Link : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mNN4NzVbVjAW1GUjDiyI6Om0qbU-CzWX (Available 4...
  10. M

    EOD Data (BhavCopy) Downloader for Nseindia

    Dear All, I like to download Daily Bhav Copy file from nseindia website . I tried many free EOD Downloader. All its supported data download only from 2016. I want to download this Data from 1995 to 2017 (Current Date). I could download this manually from nseindia site. But...
  11. S

    End of the Day (EOD) data of all forex currency pairs.

    Hi, I do not find any site where from End of the Day (EOD) data including Open, High, Low, Close (OHLC) of all forex currency pairs are available together each day. I also want such historical data ,at least for a few months . Such historic data of individual currency pairs are available. But I...
  12. V

    Questions for Everyone (Free Data)

    Hi guys, I am thinking of setting up a delivery platform for giving out EOD data for NSE Cash/CurrencyDerivatives and maybe FO. Perhaps BSE too. History: 4-5 years. Updates: Daily. Format: CSV. So, the questions: Q1. Would you pay for it (say Rs 1000/year) or would it be better if...
  13. K

    Need historical EOD data upto date in Amibroker or Metastock format kindly help

    Hi Friends, I need all available EOD historical data for NSE upto date in Amibroker or Metastock Format please. Only NSE is enough for me. I will start updating it by getting the Bhavcopy daily. Thanks, Knag
  14. I

    End of day data before end of day

    Hi all, Well, the title could be a bit misleading but let me try to explain my situation here. I need to run a scan on eod data before end of day (Say around 3 pm). The eod data will be available only after market hours. Is there any way where I can get the OHLC at 3 pm for all the nse...
  15. D

    Eod & Ieod data downloader

    hi , i just developing a utility to download eod and ieod data from free sources. features: 1) Downloads NSE EQ & index EOD files from nseindia.com and store them in 2 folders as nse eq and nse index 2)Downloads NSE FUT & OPTIONS EOD filesfrom nseindia.com and stores them in 5...
  16. S

    Any one blessed with Zeebob's 5th and 6th EOD ?

    Friends if any one blessed with 5th(thursday) and 6th(friday) of August 2010 eod then plz send me - s k u m a r d a l a i at y a h o o d o t in In spite of several mails I'm unable to get a respond from them . thanks in advance. skd.
  17. O

    AllBhav-Download, Convert & Export to AmiBroker All Bhavcopy & Indices

    A free apllication to Download, Convert and Export EOD Data to AmiBroker. Website: http://odintoab.blogspot.com/ Happy Trading......
  18. bunny

    Is the volume of block deals/bulk deals added to EOD data?

    Hi guys, Please let me know if volume of block deals and bulk deals is added to the EOD data? For ex: If there is a block deal in RELIANCE counter(NSE) of 10 lac shares, and no of shares traded in open market is 5 lacs, will the EOD volume be reported as 15 lacs or 5 lacs in the NSE EOD...
  19. B

    metastock data upto 25th jan.2010

    one can download metastockdata(EOD) from nsecalls.weebly.com-->market tools.:clap:
  20. R

    EOD data in Advanced GET

    Hi forum members, I tried to locate an utility in the forum to download EOD NSE / BSE data to use with Advance GET EOD versin but not successful. I would be grateful if someone can guide me to download the EOD NSE / BSE data to use with the Advanced GET EOD version. Thanking you...