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I am guessing many people do that, myself included, i use metastock for the coding of the system.


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I am not writing my own system, but I am writing PHP scripts(MySQL as database) to scan for candlestick patterns, NR 4 and 7, call-tracking, etc.


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Hi Vipin,

Good to hear that you do coding in metastock. Can u give your yaooh id.
I have a very good strategy which is working when tested manually.
Need to be coded.


Pls take a look at my firms site and see if there are any questions or if u have any interest. We are a quickly expanding group that provides extensive training while paying our trainees. Those that progress to trader status, trade 100% firm capital and we are very focused on tech and algo growth.

Please provide comments and forward to any and all friends and colleagues that you believe may have interest and be a viable candidate.

Many Thanks,


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