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    bollinger band AFL needed

    Hi Friends,
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    Buy and sell crossover signals reqd

    Dear experts I have visited hundred of forum but this is the only forum where i find real programmers and people who are always ready to help . Again i have come here to find solutions to a problem. Thanks a lot to all exerts and genius people . This is a hull moving average with 60...
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    Buy and sell signals needed

    Hi experts on this forum i think a lot of experts are ready to help newcomers. I would like to thank all of them in advance. In the past also i have received solution to may problems and hope that this time also i will get solutions. I have a very popular afl which i have downloaded from...
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    Amibroker - Background color change with EMA

    Hi All, I have a question -- Is it possible that the background color of amibroker chart changes by itself if the price comes below 20 EMA. For Example: Price Candle below 20 EMA - Background color RED Price Candle Above 20 EMA - Background color GREEN
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    Buy and sell signals

    Hi experts Like helping me in past please help me to plot buy and sell signals on this afl code. Note : Where green line end and red line starts down arrow should be their. In the same way when red line ends and green line starts up arrow should be their. Thanks in Advance : Afl code ...