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My daytrading

Discussion in 'Day Trading' started by Raghavacc, May 17, 2010.


Did my thread made any difference to your trading?

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  1. DanPickUp

    DanPickUp Well-Known Member

    Aug 1, 2009
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    Hi Raghavac

    I worry about your last post. I know, you are a person with a lot of decency, good minded and enthusiasm.

    I kindly please you : Do not let this thread go down to rubbish or let your feelings take over you.

    Close this thread or stay with your post on the level it was before.

    If there is any thing I can do for you, just let me know and give me an e-mail.

    We all should know what we do when posting here. We do not get money or what ever for it. We post and many times teach others some new things.

    At the moment we except some thing special, we post for the wrong reason. This is a virtual world in which we post and we do not get any feelings as thanks for it.

    This is a main point we never have to forget when posting in traderji or any where in the virtual world.

    We post what we can answer for and the rest we keep for our selfs.

  2. sibumajumdar

    sibumajumdar Well-Known Member

    May 1, 2009
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    Dumdum, Kolkata
    Dear Raghav,

    With Danpick i too request you to come back & please enlighten us with your analysis. It was a great pleasure to go through your posts.

    Tanks and best wishes......SLMuncle
  3. Raghavacc

    Raghavacc Well-Known Member

    Dec 5, 2007
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    Do accept my humble thanks for your care towards me ( re: first 3 sentences of your above post).

    Coming to last 4 sentences of your above post :
    I have great regards for your Trading skills as well as Trading knowledge.Further your sense of humours are unmatchable.However unfortunately once in a while you really goof up and end up in a wrong flight( Buying a ticket for New Delhi bound flight and then boarding a flight leaving for Karachi).You have already done that in the initial stages of this thread and doing it again.

    Your post above compelled me to reply. I do not want to be harsh with my response as I do not want to fight with any one .That does not come to me.

    From selfish motive and humour point of view ,I can say I cannot afford to lose your friendship as you are a swiss and my countries entire wealth is stashed away in your country!!:)

    I have never ever posted for wrong reasons.Instead I think you are worried for a wrong reason I suppose.There is absolutely nothing to worry.My points are very clear.

    If some of my latest posts seems rubbish for you ,I can say its your perspective and nothing to do with my posts.I do not understand why ego rules world instead of introspection.I am always ready to accept if I have done anything wrong.My mistake perhaps is I expect the same from the other end.
    Coming to points-you have mentioned I expect something special at the moment?Whats that special thing I expected?

    Money?reward?Commission?Gift?- As I mentioned several times earlier I am live and die for trading despite of other commitments as its my passion.I do not have any blogs of my own,neither a URL, I do not run any tips service,I am not a broker,I did not ask anything even a penny for spending 1-2 hours daily for posting here.Do clarify.What is that I am expecting?.

    Did I expect even a thanks from you all for spending my time on daily basis ?Common man- Thats not the kind of word I expect from a veteran like you.Please correct yourself.

    First of all educating people on price action is a hilarious task.It needs immense patience,number of charts,observation and picking charts.For one and half years I have done that despite of my other commitments just for the sake of starters and traders who are in trap.There are number of people who benefited from it.What all I have shared is just 30% of what I have in store.That itself was enough to make so many new traders comfortable with their trading.

    Asking to change my name from Raghavacc to Raghav is expecting something special?If such a small task cannot be done for me ,who spent so much of time for the people,is it worth spending time here?No .Not all .Hence this will be my last post on Traderji.

    When I say I am not in agreement with a policy asking for permission to edit first page of my own thread is that expecting special?Am I doing that for my benefit?isn't that bit autocratic.Afterall I am not editing the thread of anyone else.

    I never took anyones name.Neither did I blame anyone.What all I told was I am not comfortable with particular policy and hence I am staying out.

    When you say rubbish-do you find even a single post of mine containing vulgar language,filthy words or calling any one by names? instead I would like you to please reflect back on few of your posts.Kindly reread your post before making such comments.

    Also you have mentioned that we can answer what we can- this part should be decided by the individual making the post and not to be forced by anyone else.

    Regarding feelings taking over me- If I had a feeling of that sort ,I would have abandoned this thread long before.

    Why did I stay here despite of completion of PDF manual is because I got lot of PMs as well as mails from friends telling me to continue postings as it benifited them immensely.

    Those who are serious and want to learn price action ,going forward can send a mail to me .My mail starts with name as it appears in my avatar.I want to make it clear that I do not have any commercial interest either in the past or in the future.

    As you told its a virtual world and any one can come and any one can go and then you are saying

    Close this thread or stay with your post on the level it was before meaning Do what I say or else get out. I am opting for the latter.Thank you.

    Moderators Please lock this thread.
  4. Bigbear

    Bigbear Well-Known Member

    Sep 5, 2011
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    I know we haven't talked to each other.. But i have been following your thread silently ..
    Its just taking very long time to go through each post...
    You definitely need to continue with your posts, its of very great help for starters like me..Forums like traderji is there only because of people like you.. I hope All your issues get resolved.. I can feel what you are going through.. hope this gets resolved very soon .. If there is something i can do, let me know....

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