Zerodha Genuine Review

Zerodha Honest review-

1. Account Opening - Open account is not hassle free, They may take upto a week.
2. Support - customer support is not hassle free from phone. You may have to wait on long queue. You can call upto 6pm for clearing any doubts from support.
Email support takes 2 days before you get any response.
3. Fee - Account opening fee is Rs. 300 for an equity trading account and Rs. 200 for a commodity account respectively.
4. Platform - Superb. UI Is very good. Both Kite and Pi platfom are perfectly designed
5. Contract notes - Very good, Delivered in midnight.
6. Backoffice - Good
7. Mobile app - Best
8. System and Bugs - Frequent bugs are noticed, may result in loss too such as RMS Failure, Pending order validation and more. In MCX Segment sometime price freezes atleast 4 times in a month.
9. Margin - Not good, They allow Banknifty future trading for 10000/lot approx in BO. This broker is not recommended if you are a margin trader. You need funds to trade full time. In all other segment margin is normal
Options selling is limited and require very high capital. Exchange also specially binded Zerodha to allow trading on Nifty and Banknifty options with a defined strike price only. All other brokers except Zerodha allows trading on any strike price. So if you are an options seller or index options trader this broker is not recommended for you.
10. Fund transfer - FREE from UPI
No issues with withdrawal
11. Company - Company claims to be established in 2010 and
12. No hidden charges, Fully transparent broker, but bad if you lose due to their system bugs that keeps happening 4 times or mroe in a month.

Final Recommendation -
Is it recommended for your regular trades ?

Is it recommended for scalping?

Is it recommended for Delivery trades?
Yes they are free

Is it recommended for gambling?

Is it recommended for options selling?

Is it recommended for highly talented traders who think their analysis is 100% sureshot but they lack of funds and require high leverage?
also zerodha transfers funds
on same day to your bank account
after you put withdraw request
Zerodha sent a mail to all client:

we are making the following changes starting 19th March 2020:
  • We are increasing the RMS square-off charge and Call-and-Trade charge to Rs 50/executed order. You can avoid paying this charge by squaring off your intraday positions yourself.
  • The Call & Trade charges for calling our dealing team will also be increased to Rs 50/order through the dealers on the phone.


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zerodha increased call to trade charge to rs 50/ as it is an important instrument i am shifting to aliceblue or upstox . may be they will increase other charge in future so be cautious. aliceblue has same software as zerodha pi but their call to trade is nothing and they also provide buy sell advice but their brokarage is not like .01 or rs 20/ which is lower but only in .1/.01


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also zerodha transfers funds
on same day to your bank account
after you put withdraw request
NO ..they dont...they(nithin) said it but not implemented ...last week I tryed as like earlier its payout released next day evening bank showed it next day only

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