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also -ww in relcap & relinfra :D :)
Yes Gandhar !! A good -WW in relinfra !! !! I think we can go short here !!
And i think that it should surely reverse as it is also at the bollinger top !!

Havent seen Relcap yet

TP ,Gandhar if u can also give some view from ichimoku point of view !! Jus from learning POV !!


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relcap -ww with -ve divergence :D too much attention demanding action for shorting :lol:
both relcap & relinfra are still in sweet zone :)

note === ADAG stocks move fast need to be careful // relinfra is(was) in good uptrend but it also has -ve divergence

relinfra with divergence ==


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From my collection of WW
Observed this one in the morning
May be too much

NF +ww 60 min tf tgt 6425 6.11.13

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Only problem with this chart is, this is of Nov series and not Nifty-I or Nifty_F1
Point 1 lies in Oct.

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