Who is paying lowest brokerage????


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Ever checked the RKSV Freedom Plan of Rs. 1947? You do not trade a month, the whole money returned back to you. Rs. 1947 is not a brokerage, but a service charged by RKSV. The brokerage is literally zero. Check out their calculator site: http://www.rksv.in/calculator.php

Here is the link: http://www.traderji.com/brokers-tra...v-unlimited-online-trading-1947-part-2-a.html

I have been to their office, and their business vision looks good. You trade 10 lots or 100 lots, you still pay only Rs.1947. You can trade in cash or future, the amount still remains the same. Good!!!!

Brokers charge brokerage because they have expenses:
  • Proprietary Trading servers maintenance cost
  • Financial Technologies servers royalty cost
  • Software development and maintenance cost
  • Infrastructure cost in terms of offices at multiple locations

RKSV uses NOW terminal provided by NSE. They have only one office, that too for operations only (Account opening, Helplines for answering queries).


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Now I say you a mystery. Now-a-days there is a race to become discount brokers. Their brokerage plan is either volume based or order based. Yes, they have sliced the brokerage to down to earth level. Have you ever seen any old brokerage house to come with such discount schemes? No. Then why. In fact, if these discount brokerage houses successfully run their business, then they will generate more business than these old brokerage houses. How?
First, basically almost all old brokerage houses are clearing members. They are also Depository participants. So their statutory charges are very low as compared to discounted brokerage house. So they can not manipulate any thing in their statutory charges. But in case of discount brokers, there is a way to manipulate these things. Now see, they can not manipulate STT, Stamp Duty, SEBI Charges, Service Tax as they are fixed by Government. Then which one remains to be manipulated - it is turnover charges. Just see, the turnover charges which is fixed by the exchanges can not be manipulated but the extra component charged by the clearing houses can be manipulated.

Now I am explaining how it is possible.
Suppose you are a client and open an account either with a sub-broker or a franchise. That sub-broker charges you a brokerage of 0.03% intraday. Now in your contract note, you will see the brokerage rate as 0.03%. But that sub-broker or the Franchise Owner will get a lion share from that brokerage. Similarly all discount brokers are sub-brokers of some clearing member. Now these discount brokers get a lion share from these clearing members (around 70% of the transaction charges charged by the clearing member).
That's what I am saying in this forum. In fact in some segment, their transaction charges are ridiculously high. So if they want to provide service, they must think about this issue seriously.

Any way

Wish you all

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We charge lowest brokerage for trading in equity, derivative, commodity and currency.

What ever may be your lot size we charge only Rs.20 per trade

Interested people may contact us on 9000 473 473
It is depend upon how much trade u r doing per day if u r doing 3 trade per day then go for zerodha, if u r doing more then 3 trade per day then go for RKSV both are good brokers
Hi all

I am a sub broker offering commodities brokerage at Rs. 600/crore and Rs.20 per trade in nse f&o irrespective of number of lots. Offering 10 times exposure in mcx and 5 times in nse futures.

Get in touch with me if you want to open an account.

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