Which websites do you use for help wit Fundamental Analysis?

The Internet is full of resources. You can find tons of information out there for free. However, as this count increases, it’s literally impossible to remember all the sources that you visit even in a single day. Luckily, for the Indian stock investors, there are not many such great websites. Even if you only remember a few of the best ones, it will help you to keep yourself updated with all the market news, trends, announcements, happenings and all. INVESTOPEDIA is good website.


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www.ccilindia.com provides excellent macro information - no fluff. This also includes liquidity indicators for markets and including FII purchases in bonds and equities
The FRED has historic fundamental data for macro economic analysis such as Repo rates, libor etc. They have charting too.
My broker (TD) provides other macro data.
My FT subscription also keeps me well stocked but it is paid.
Yeah Fred is excellent option, I also use finviz, Bloomberg and FT. Basically it's enough for trading. Also I keep an eye on events from economic calendar (I use full version from Hotforex)
For FA, I usually check on the Company's Annual Report and for data on stock performance, I use the NSE website. I think you must follow a reliable and powerful source for research. We can’t doubt reliable government sources unlike private websites.
Whenever I start with fundamental analysis of any stock, I go to that company’s official website and check its annual report, balance sheet and profit & loss statement.
I also consider the stock exchanges’ official websites for data analysis.
I use the company’s website, study about the company, its finance, profits and losses and then create a fundamental analysis report on the basis of that.

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