which one is the best brokerage...


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I won't advise a broker because it will be considered an advert, I'll just say that you should choose a company that you like and that suits you in terms of conditions, look at the reviews and then make a decision.
All advice above is good, just please be sure that it's really regulated and registered in good jurisdiction in terms of legality and that you can withdraw your money any time you want and in a way you really want and that's really it here.
Probably the one which have the best protection anyway from controlling stations. So I do hope it will really make wonders with that case and something which you can legally contact with case of some issues when they will arise. Will it work ?
We really can't reply which is best totally and completely cause it's somewhat impossible if you do understand what I mean here, It's not working like that, there are so many of them that I am completely lost alltogether anyway. How we can go there ?

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