Which is the best Brokerage firm for online commodity trading?


Basically I trade With only my margin amount, And with the least brokerage of 1/2 paise.
But on a rare case I will trade on a regular basis, for tht my broker is charging only 3000/- with unlimited trading. I can choose the schemes according to my convenient
Somewhere else you wrote Rs. 1000 for unlimited trading. Apart from that you are not at all mentioning the name of the broker. Whats the use of then posting ? This is a discussion forum , I presume that you must be knowing . :mad:


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It will always depend on your country because there is some brokerage that doesn't really work and available in all countries. So better to check your country and look for a brokerage. In my case, I am from France so I find itrader.com and fmfx.com available in our country.
Salut! Sophie,

I think you are litte out of context here. Though the original request did not mention it is for Indian exchange, it is implied. So please excuse.

Thank you.

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