which broker is best in terms of sub brokership?


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ok , i want to be a sub broker of a normal broking house in NCR region..............by normal i mean which is not a discount broker because then what will i earn in it?? :lol:

so guys please suggest me which is best broker in terms of back office , facilities ............and is pro sub broker ........in all terms:thumb:


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mailmeantara where is your story.lol Ravish


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ok i am also curious to know one thing.

can a sub- broker advertise that he will give calls on personal level to trade, to the clients, is it legal to do so?
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hey guys is .2 % delivery brokerage is high in terms of offline brokers only?

please do not compare with offline ..........only normal brokers


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instead of looking for a broker with good ratings, look for someone who will agree with your terms and conditions. You may want to keep brokerage high because of the service you intend to provide. Some brokers are strict about it.

U will hv to work to get clients and make them trade.

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