Where can i download intraday option chain data?


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If you are using zerodha or any other site, the data must be coming in some format that is getting showed on the chart.

Open the intraday chart of the stock. Right click and select inspect element. Go to network tab and refresh the page. There you can see all the network calls that were made by the URL. In that one of the calls will be for the data. Click on type.

Now this is for Zerodha Kite. You have to figure out if you are using something else.
There will be one type XHR which has size in KB and was largest of them all. It means this network call got the data for us.

Now, you need to copy that network call and copy that in a different tab and you will get the data in a json format. Now, you need to parse it.

I don't know if there is any site that directly provides the data.
Just downloading json for ONE stock is of no use. I want to download all stock data just like the bhavcopy csv in nse. Any idea??

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