When most others oppose a very strong conviction of yours

I believe you are enough to make a decision for yourself. It’s obviously a good thing to read everyone’s review, but your own analysis must also have some solid points.
There’s immense power in self-belief; people often do not believe in themselves, and they believe in what others say. Others say such things because they have a limited mindset, or they do not want those people to grow. If you believe in something that will work, see if it works, and if it does work, there’s no looking back. You move as if no one is there, listen to no one, see no one, and you will find success surely.
This is the type of mindset you can only have if you are an expert in the market. Without a certain level of expertise and experience, the chances of you being able to succeed in doing so are little if not none. You cannot expect to have capital and respect for the decisions you make if they are by a matter of luck.
It is tough to make profit in the stock market for sure, but if you manage to understand the market conditions and learn how to plan around it, it is possible. Take decisions as and when you need to, minimise risk and work hard towards collecting consistent profit, in time.
It’s all about self-confidence; if you believe you can do something that others find impossible, try it and figure out the results. Once you have a powerful conviction and proof, go ahead and listen to no one on the path, and you will surely be successful.
When others oppose your conviction, let them do so. First, prove to yourself that it works, and then prove it to the world. Everything needs time to digest; new ideas are not immediately accepted by the world.
We all have the tools at our disposal to become rich in life. Yes, there are some that don't have as many opportunities, maybe you can't afford college for example, but there are still opportunities out there. Others might say you'll never get there but you just have to focus and never give up and prove those people wrong someday.

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