what kind of share are best to begin with

That depends on if you want to trade or invest. If you are looking to invest for the long term, try to invest to the companies that you are most familiar with.
To buy stocks or shares in the beginning, you need the assistance of a stockbroker who is licensed to purchase securities on your behalf..Making the picks on your own can be more time consuming, but it's the cheaper option compared to letting someone else manage your money. Fund managers almost always charge more fees than an account you mange yourself.
Beginner should keep these four questions in mind while choosing shares in the beginning
Here are these four questions to answer before hitting the "buy" button.
1.What are your goals? Outlining what you want your investments to accomplish will help guide you in the right direction
2.Should I bet it all?.Your age is an important metric to understand how much risk you should take. According to investors and experts, the younger you are, generally, the more investing risks you can take.
3. What's your schedule? How much time do you want to spend learning about stocks, bonds, currencies commodities, ETFs, REITs....you get the point.
history shows that the blue chips tend to be safer investments among individual stocks.
4. What's the cover charge or brokerage charges? Whether you go for ETFs, individual stocks or another investment, keep an eye on fees. For instance, E*Trade (ETFC) charges $9.99 per order.
As a novice to stock market, I would like to know what kind of share to start investing in or focus on?
An ETF like NIFTYBEES is a good share to start with in my opinion. AMC charges are much lower than actively managed mutual funds. Its dividend yield is around 1%. For traders, once the portfolio size crosses 5 lacs, it is possible to hedge using futures and/or options. 1 lot of Nifty (75 shares) = 750 shares of NIFTYBEES. A good trader can generate absolute returns year after year regardless of the market performance using a combination of the share and F&O hedge.

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