what is your advice for a beginner?

I think the best advice I have to give after going through episodes of suffering loss, is to always research, run background checks and check the financial growth of a company before you select the stock to invest in. Listen to yourself, make your own decisions. Do not enter the market without enough knowledge, you will fail. Stick to a plan and keep a broad mind.
All you should be able to do is analyse the market well enough to choose the right stock to earn long term profits. Do not forget to background check the financial growth of the company, that will ensure your four profit earnings. Be alert and be prepared for loss, always.
How successful are you in stock market trading? What is your advice to the beginners?
In the beginning of journey to stock market , you just need to focus on learning and gaining knowledge . People enter here with a lot of money but lack of knowledge which results in losses and then these type of people keep saying that stock market is gambling .
The actual process is ; FIRST LEARN THEN EARN .
Beginners should focus on learning and studying the market’s nature. Dealing with risk is not easy, the aim is to make profit in such conditions. If newbies focus on entering the market with a solid plan and strategy after multiple hours spent on research, there are chances they can make it.
It took me quite some time to become consistent as I made a lot of mistakes in the initial period. So, my advice to all beginners would be to learn from your mistakes and keep on trading. You may often feel the urge to give up but those who stay in the market will be able to find their edge as they gain experience as a trader.


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Focus on the process of trading and not the outcome. Obsession with making money in trading often leads to the opposite
Yeah you raised very important about what should be in the first place in trading. It is not money its ability to discover trading edges and put them into trading strategies, correctly calculate and protect trading strategies from risk.
I'm not the best but I've been working at it for a few years now. I think the most important thing is to stick with it and not give up if things get difficult. Time and experience go a long way here.

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