what is your advice for a beginner?


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I would advise a beginner not to stop developing and trade using my own strategy
Your own strategy or the strategy that a rookie trader developed himself? I think it's too early to start developing strategy at initial stages of trading, I think newbie should prefer learning and copying from others to understand general principles of building trading systems. That's why brokers offer demo account.
I would suggest all the beginners to learn well. Also be who you are, do not blindly follow experienced traders. Learn from them and then strategize using your knowledge. That's the best way to become a better trader.
First it is good to begin! Markets have a lot of potential and many opportunities to make money.

Few inputs from my side:
- Never rely on Tips or people/friends even relatives telling you "Trust me this share will double within 6 months"
- Don't believe SMS or unsolicited calls telling you we have a method to make money for sure with an amazing track records
- Study and learn how market is working
- Attend free or paid seminars to understand how to push an order, how to use a stop loss, how to read Research Reports, how to read Annual Reports etc...
- Never invest in a company if you don't understand the basics of its business model and products. You don't need to be an expert but you need to get what they are about and what is going to influence their activity
- Good company = the sector of activity is promising and growing, profit track record is good, the governance is solid and share price not too expensive. If you have all this, invest! Not easy to find but after market Covid 19 crash there is a number of companies having such a profile
- Don't rush. If you have 5 lakhs or any other amount to invest....take your time. Invest in steps over few months only when you are fully convinced that you found the right companies.
- Time is your ally. Be patient. If the companies you selected are good, overtime you return will good!

Enjoy investing!
As someone who is beginning to trade, set a limit to how much you want to risk. Calculate how much you're willing to risk in each trade and never risk more than you can afford to lose.
The stock market is one of the popular investment options among people. Investors put money in the stock market with the hope of creating long term wealth for themselves. The beginners who are eager to enter the market must know the following things before investing their hard earned money in the market.

Things Beginners Must Keep in Mind Before Investing in the Stock Market
  • The first and foremost thing that a beginner must do is open a demat account. Demat account is the primary requirement for investing in the Indian stock market. The demat account holds shares and securities in an electronic form. For opening a demat account you must visit the stock broker or depository participant. The selection of the broker must be done carefully after thorough analysis.
  • After opening a demat account, you can start investing or trading in the Indian share market. You can now purchase or sell securities via manual or online mode.
  • Before investing in any stock, you must carry out in-depth research of the company whose stock you want to purchase. Always understand the business model of any company before making long term investments. You must remember that you are investing in a company’s business and the performance of the stock will be determined by the performance of the company’s business.
  • The stock market is subject to risk and you must know your risk-taking capability before investing. Before investing in the stock market, you must evaluate the amount of money you can afford to lose in the market.
  • Reading business journals, market news and watching business news channels on TV can help you in understanding the stock market better. You will learn new things every day which will help you in becoming a better investor in the long term.
  • The best experience you can get from the market is through a practical approach. Start trading or investing in the market with smaller amounts initially. When you start gaining confidence, you may increase the amount. The more time you spend in the market, the more confident investments you will be able to make.
The above mentioned are some of the points that beginners must keep in mind before investing in the stock market. They can also take the help of experts or financial advisors like us.
Just go slow. If you rush while trading or let greed affect your trades, then you might end up losing. Analyse the markets well and trade within your limits.
How successful are you in stock market trading? What is your advice to the beginners?
My advice for the beginners would be that they should firstly take knowledge by reading case studies, news, history, its functioning and observe the market for a while how it is working and the right time to hit... Every information to brush up our knowledge is available online on youtube, financial blogs and many more articles.
So first learn the tricks and then come to trade rather than learning it while you trade is all I want to keep my view on this....

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