What is the Risk for becoming a Trader.

That is the main thing. Most people under estimate the importance of risk in trading and often undertake more risk than they should and ultimately get caught up in losses. We can not in any case ignore or under assess the risk associated with a stock.
The risk of becoming a trader is the risk of losing money. Money is so important to ust hat we cannot stand to lose it. Especially when it comes to the day traders. When they lose they keep on trading and trading with hope of gaining more but all they get are losses and more losses untill they have nothing. To me, that is the greatest risk of becoming a new trader.
the far most risk is u gain or loose in mkt .. but u loose ur family life .. ur concentration on family will be completely taken away by mkt movement .. so be an investor .. and dont see the portfolio daily basis .. not even see the mkt.. seeing portfolio daily basis is like plugging the just sowed plant to check whether it grown or not on daily basis and replanting it .. ..
The risk that most traders face when they join is poor money management. if you want to be a trader then you need to be sure that you can handle your money properly and that you will not let desire get to your head. Letting that happen is the beginning of failure in forex.
Trading has various risks attached, use of leverage, wrong instrument type, slippage. This is why risk management is quite important for every trader.
Becoming a trader has got several risks of which a beginner in the trading field should be aware of. For example, it is not easy to get the real good co-traders who have the same focus. Some always meet with money looters that may squander all the money that they have hence leaving them undecided and descouraged.
Trading involves both risks and profits. It depends on you, how you analyse the market trends and place trades according to them. Lack of patience and greed of making quick profit will always leave you with loss.


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The risk is losing all the capital that you invested. Data shows that losses happen quickly because coping with losses is emotionally challenging task - people respond to losses by taking more risk, making hasty trading decision (because they want to get rid of emotional discomfort from trading quickly) and this leads to even bigger losses and eventually account blow-out.

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