Risk in Trading

Only way to manage risk is not taking that much risks which we cannot afford to lose. Yes 1-2% risk is acceptable however if we do not know trading then first we have to learn this skill before risking our capital.
Risk management is a part of the trading system that tells you how many lots to hold at a given moment and how much risk to take. In other words, risk management is managing the size of the transaction. More lot means more risk
Manage risk in Forex trading by setting strict stop-loss orders and adhering to disciplined risk management strategies to limit potential losses.
Stop-loss orders can help manage risks, but without a profitable trading strategy, you can only lose your deposit. Stop loss is only an opportunity to control a loss.


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You're absolutely correct. While stop-loss orders are crucial risk management tools that help limit potential losses, they are just one component of a comprehensive trading strategy. Without a profitable trading strategy that incorporates proper risk management, relying solely on stop-loss orders may not be sufficient to ensure long-term success.