What is Fundamental Analysis

Some of the Fundamental Tools as already mentioned are
Earnings Pershare-EPS
Price to Earnings -P/E
Projected Earnings Growth - PEG
Price to Sales - P/S
Price to Book -P/B
Dividend Payout Ratio
Dividend Yield
Book Value
Return on Equity

About.com lists out the various tools and provides exhaustive article on these tools.

See the below link on how fundamentals are provided. I have taken the example of Google
Hello Freinds,

I am a new person to this website. However, I owuld post regularly as i think this forum is a very knowledgable forum for a ll young investors.

Thx Mohan for d fundamental article which expalins the very first question to a non finance background person as wto what is fundamental analysis?
Thnx Mohan...its nice work done by you...after reading this whole thread i got enough information on fundamentals of this market...
plz keep it up....
Its good to know about several fundamental analysis tools. GUESSWHO, thank for the investopedia links, actually I was about to search that site to know more about these tools.

GEOMASTER, thanks to you too for providing excellent and useful links.

Now, as a new bee, my question is - Are there are any standards are benchmarks for the values arrived though this tools?

To speak as a naive - How to evaluate that value of a particular ratio - whether its right one or not?

Hope the experts here help me out !

Thanks and regards

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