What is After Hours trading?

Contrary to popular belief, trading in the foreign exchange markets continues quite well even on weekends. But the official part for the general public is limited to 5 days a week
That is the reason why we see gaps on charts from Friday session to Monday session.
After Hours Trading is buying or selling stocks beyond regular market opening hours. Generally, used by skilled traders only because of the lack of liquidity, so price will fluctuate unpredictably
After hours trading is the trading which is done after the normal trading hours. It is useful for the traders who don’t have the time to watch the market in the normal trading hours.
After-hours trading takes place in the period between when the market shuts down and then re-opens the next day.
Since long time I am thinking of it but in a dilemma that should i do or not however I made some amount of profits as a day trader but are AMOs are good to trade? Please help!
Personally, I am not a fan of after market hours trading. I think it's beneficial only for those who don't get enough time during normal market hours to place trades. In fact, there is low liquidity during after market hours.


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Even at the stage of training, I understood what trading is during working hours in order to understand all the nuances.
The term after hours trading usually refers to trading in the 4 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time after the major U.S. stock exchanges are closed. The trading session can run as late as 8 pm and you can trade after hours through ECNs. You can learn about it in detail form this video -