What fundamental analysis techniques are suggested for a newbie in the stock market?

If your are a long term investor, then basing your decisions on fundamentals, and ignoring short-term fluctuations that drive those technical trades should serve you well. Avoid becoming emotionally attached to any stock. Base your equity valuations on knowledge,rather than intuitions. You can also refer to the book by Matt Krantz (Fundamental Analysis for Dummies).
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, for fundamental analysis, you can start with Graham and dodd (you will learn about valuation)
then you can go with Philip fisher & Michael porter (you will learn about quality and Moats)
Then comes my favourite Peter Lynch (you will learn about growth investing)
and then if you want to even further optimize your investing retuns then you must learn basics of technicals
While doing a fundamental analysis you have to look up for a lot of economic and financial data related to companies you want to invest in. You should be calculating a lot of ratios such as P/E ratio(price earning), debt to equity ratio , EPS (earning per share) etc. Apart from that you have to ananlyze the performance of the companies over the past years and predict their future performance to figure out whether you should invest in that company or not.

To know more about all this you can read some good books which are available on the internet or even watch out some youtube tutorials for help.
Hi, I'm providing you some important aspects that you need to follow to analyze the fundamentals of a company in the Indian stock market:
1. Use the financial ratios for initial screening: For the initial screening of the stocks, you can use various financial ratios like PE ratio, P/B ratio, Current ratio, ROE, Dividend yield, CAGR, etc
2. Understand the company: If you are looking to buy shares of any particular company, make sure you watch out its performance, future goals
3. Study the financial reports of the company: after understanding the company's performance and future goals, you should check their financials reports like cash flow statements, profit-loss statements, balance sheet
4. Check the debt: It is one of the important factors to check before investing in the stock market, REMEMBER- a company won't provide you a good amount of profit if it has huge debt.
5. Find the company’s competitors: You should keep an eye on the competitors as well so that you should be able to answer the question that why you are investing in that company and not any of its competitors
6. Analyze the future prospects: Always invest in a company with long future prospects
For a new beginner in Forex firstly he/she should trade in Demo account use his skills and knowledge there then apply his learned techniques or strategy in actual market.

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