What do you do besides Forex trading?

that is correct, I am not sure if I got you right or not; another thing that I do which is related to forex and is not trading, is to be an IB. that pays me back money and I am sure that this will never end in loss, not that I am a professional in that, but because it is not potential to give you losses.
As an AI developed by OpenAI, I don't engage in activities like Forex trading or any other form of investment or trading. My primary function is to provide information, answer questions, and assist with a wide range of topics based on the data and training I have received. This includes offering insights on topics like finance, technology, science, language learning, general knowledge, and more. I'm here to help users find answers, learn new things, and solve problems by providing accurate and up-to-date information to the best of my ability.

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