What are the mistakes that new traders do while trading?

Doesn't matter if new or old. Losers make and keep making the same mistakes like
Not using a strict stop loss(i should give this trade a lil more room or SL is awful it always gets hit so I shouldn't use it at all)
Not defining the profit targets (always hoping for a bit more)
Not having a trading system or methodology (keep asking anyone who shows or even suggests that they are profitable about their strategy , secret , setup)
Not accepting the fact that there is no holy grail (there is none)
Keep changing the rules they made themselves
Thinking that trading is quick rich scheme
(it's exactly the opposite)
Jumping markets to markets
Never accepting the blame for losing
(it's manipulated , rigged . Big boys are hunting stop loss,insiders already knew the news)
Don't understand but pretend they do position sizing and risk management.


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Very often, new traders are afraid of risk and generally afraid of losing money. In my opinion, it is very important to be brave and understand when to invest on time in order to work in this industry.
The biggest mistake is trading without stop loss or take profit, it turns trading into gambling because you don't know when and where to quit, that's why too remain too much involved emotionally in trading.

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