want toshare a imp. file (235KB)


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Dear Traderji,
sir, my wishes. i would like to share a file with our group which i believe is very important since it contains some very important pointers while we use our online banking websites.The containt is about how to identify a TRUE website from a FAKE website. As you are aware that there are some smart guys in this world who use their knowledege & intilligence to rob & destroy. So there are some who have created fake websites (of renowed & majorly used banks like icici, HDFC, etc..) to gather their personal information & passwords so that they can make easy money at others cost. Now since almost all our group members deal with online banking, i thought i should post it here.

But the problem is the size of the file. It is a pdf, 235KB size.i have tried posting the attachement but failed since i believe there is a limitation to the size of attachement.Kindly suggest how do i overcome this problem. Alternatively i can e-mail it to any mail id you provide. Looking forward.

thank you,
why dont you summarize the gist of it here. There has been a bunch of mails floating regarding this and it might be an annoyance to email that to everybody!


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thank you traderji for your support. As directed i have loaded the pdf to the said site & the link is http://www.savefile.com/files/8202012 (title: Real or Fake- Online banking threats).



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Dear friend, mpreddy77, the pdf is more of a graphic representation which differentiates the Fake from a True Webpage( a pitcure speaks thousand words, isn't it.)
Anyway if it is annoying to you you can always ignore it! friend, nobody is responsible to anybodys banking habits,at least don't discourage other members from viewing it. Little bit of precaution makes a large difference & saves a great deal.

:rolleyes: :)


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well, i understand. By the way i am from vijayawada, A.P. Where are u from.


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Traderji said:
You can probably upload the file to http://www.savefile.com/filehost/ and provide a link here for others to download.
i have tried to download the concerned file and finally decided not to do it.

reason: in the process of downloading, a file by name zango.exe will be installed into your system. this could be probably be a spyware or at least its an ad-ware. i request TRADERJI to look into thoroughly before recommending to upload to that 'free facility' as most of the member's trading account information may be there on their systems.

i suggest that traderji administrators may review such large attachments and permit on a case to case basis. i feel this pdf file attachment of 4candles contains a very important information / caution for all investors. others may also suggest alternate sites where large files can be uploaded without any risk!

i remember to have seen information about a similar fake site a month or two back, which looks deceptively similar to the original site except the shade of red colour used in the fake site!


murthymsr :mad:

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