Valvenet Datafeed issues

I am using valvenet datafeed( Best RT Nex) for over a month now but i have created a different database then what they suggested to create database and save live/historical data. However as soon as BestRT is connected it opens its own default database and start providing Live data to that database instead of mine.
I have set my own database to default database in amibroker settings and i open amibroker--> my database and then start RT nex but still it opens a new amibroker window and starts providing live data feed to it instead of mine.
Also when a corporate action happens like Stock split or bonus etc. the Futures contracts can be adjused via amibroker split option. Eg UPL Bonus yesterday( 2nd Jul 2019) . I corrected the chart in amibroker but as soon as u backfill it again remains unadjusted.
Has anyone experienced this?


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try amifeed

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