Value of unsettled sale trades of previous day

i have recently started my trading with reliance money. i have read various reviews about reliance money on this site and taken the account. i was able to get along with Rmoney. as i was new to trading, i didn't know about rules and regulations of online trade. i am learning now with Rmoney. Thanks to for supporting the newbe investor with various topics and by providing a common platform to share the views and thoughts about investing online.

i have an issue to clarify about my ledger balence with Rmoney. i have bought 20 shares of GMRINFRA on 20th @248 as delivery. 20 shares of RPL @208. i have sold RPL shares and kept GMR. on 22nd i again bought 20 shares of GMR at 235.5 Rs. which are shown in my trade book. but when i looked at my order book later it has shown a buy order of 20 GMR shares @242.80. then i checked my demat a/c which previously holds 20 GMR shares. but my demat has shown zero balence and there is an entry in ledger showing "Value of unsettled sale trades of previous day" as 405.5 Rs. while the shares bought at 235.5 have been shown on my ATST Projection. today i have sold those 20 shares. but my previous 20 shares have not been settled till now.

please clarify me about this issue. how much time it takes to settle those shares. has anybody encountered this type of issue. please let me know. Thanks to u all in advance.

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