Useful offers, schemes, deals etc.

Hello members, i seems to be raining discounts and offers these days. Easy to get lured into, easy to miss good chances. So let's write here about them and see if some of us benefit from it.

Here's today's news.

Airtel's 10GB 4G Data at Rs. 259 Offer Extended to All Smartphone

and then there was the news of Oneplus starting Rs. 1 offers. has festival offers on from 17 to 20 Oct.

So, should I buy a new smartphone now ? :D
Now, what exactly does this Rs. 1 flash sale mean? Not much detail available on the website. Is it like a lottery ?? If I don't win the Rs. 1 prize, do I HAVE to buy whatever the product I bid for ??
Bhai only 10 odd users out of millions of those who would click on the count down banner will get the deal . . .

btw the secret number 10 is just a guess may be 20/50 or even 1 :D

Happy :)

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