Use case study of Sun Pharma.

I needed your views on a caes study of Sun Pharma.

It is a Nifty50 stock. However below are the points
- It is Nifty 50 which is +ve
- It has reduced debt which is +ve
- It has low return on equity of 9.77% for last 3 years.
- The company has delivered a poor growth of 3.69% over past five years.

Now considering 2 scenarios
Scenario 1
Considering i am making a new investment in Sun Pharma. Should i avoid this stock due to its cons. Or should i still invest considering its Pros especilly its low debt.

Scenario 2
Considering i am already invested in Sun Pharma since past 5 years. What should i do. Should i still Hold considering its Pros eor should i exit considering its cons.

Sun Pharma is just an example, it could be any stock.

I needed your views on both the scenarios.

Thanks & Best regards,
Amit Nerkar


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Most traders here use technical analysis. Very few bother with fundamental analysis and hence will trade all stocks without looking into its past performance in terms of returns.

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