1. A

    Use case study of Sun Pharma.

    Hi, I needed your views on a caes study of Sun Pharma. It is a Nifty50 stock. However below are the points PROS - It is Nifty 50 which is +ve - It has reduced debt which is +ve CONS - It has low return on equity of 9.77% for last 3 years. - The company has delivered a poor growth of 3.69% over...
  2. R

    High/Low of the bar previous to the signal bar

    Really appreciate if someone can show how to refer high/low of the bar previous to signal bar - with no applystop function. This can help in calculating position size automatically through afl and could display on screen. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. L

    Tracking specific candles' High & Low values

    Greetings to all. Following code needs a small modification (for the below specified conditions): Also refer image for reference. Show = ParamToggle( "style", "Bar|Candle", 1 ); if ( Show ) { Sy=styleCandle; } else { Sy=styleBar; } color=ParamColor("Color",colorTan); xshift=Param("Shift...
  4. A

    AFL Exploration: Previous Day High Low Breakout

    Hi Members, Below is the AFL plotting lines on previous day High Low values. I am trying to create an Exploration, scanning all the stocks that close above previous day high and below previous days low. Please help. Thanks all. //*********************************************...
  5. Nehal_s143


    Hi Came across website http: // onlinezerobrokerage . com / they offer unlimited trading with 9999 life time package only STT and taxes we need to pay. Any body using this broker ? how is the report ?? Please share your experience, I want to open a/c with them...
  6. Nehal_s143

    Daily Levels afl

    Hi I have afl which shows previous day open, high, lows, close, support, resistance & mid point level I want to add following Plot Sell when previous low is broken and stop plotting previous low line Plot Buy when previous high is broken and stop plotting previous high line...
  7. RKSV

    RKSV - Unlimited Online Trading @ 1947/-

    Dear Traderji Members, Wishing you all a happy New Year and a prosperous 2012!! I started this message post to introduce you to our company and our brokerage plan. We are RKSV Securities and we have been doing proprietary trading for over 3 years in India. We are a registered SEBI company...
  8. R

    Selling options

    i want to sell options to take the advantage of time decay based strategies currently i have an account with share khan & INDUS Portfolio Problem part: Sharekan requires some 3 lackh balance to for naked puts..calls :annoyed: and forget indus wallae ...they say hum yeh kaam nhi...