Unable to sell on obligation


I am fair bit of knowledge in Trading. I use Religare to trade but there are so many words and jargon I am still unable to digest it. Yesterday I purchased shares of X company in delivery Mode. I tried to sell it today but it is coming up with error
"<TraderID> does not have sufficient permissions to place order on <CompanyScript> from OBLIGATION"

After calling Religare they said that certain shares cannot be sold until its delivery is complete. I am sure I have purchased share on a day and sold on the next day without delivery. They directed me to a script page which categorises script into basket and each basket type's qualification of different trading type. Although it is so inconsistent on the page it say Basket1,2,3,4,5 and in the selection is says A,B,C,D,E. I checked that company 'X' is in basket B assuming it is 2 it qualifies for Obligation trading but yet it does not allow me to do that.

I am feeling so stuck up.

I mostly purchase on day 1 and sell it on day 2. Please can someone recommend what kind check I should do for script before I make sure I can sell it the next day.

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