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onlinetrader said:
When will SAIL move up? I hold 10700 shares @ 41.35

Should I hold or sell?
Please advice.
SAIL is neither in an uptrend nor in a downtrend.

At the moment it is going no where and is in a trading range between 42.00 and 37.00.

If you can afford the stoploss of 37.00 hold on to your position.

One can BUY/ADD only on a close above 42.00 with a stoploss at 37.00

See attached chart for visual analysis.


hi online trader,
SAIL is currently in positive momentum it will move to your purchase price with in few days and as said by traderji,its upward movement will be confirmed when it moves above 43.
Hello Online Trader,

Traderji is always right. Once SAIL breaks out of 42+ it will go up far enough to give you decent profits, and fast. I'm holding almost as many as you are, but @ 39.30. So take heart from me; if I am holding, so should you @ 41+. SAIL is moving now alright.
Ok, I can hold on for a few days. My point is, if I invest that money in some other stock which is climbing up fast, then I can profit from it and when sail starts going up, I will buy sail at that time.

Or will it be better if I hold on to sail?

Anyway, thanks! I feel good when I see the charts provided by traderji. Which software is it(same software showing those charts)? I would like to buy such a software. Also, I am a paid subscriber of TradersEdgeIndia picks.
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Like I said, SAIL is going up now my friend (ONLINE TRADER). Hit a high of almost 40 today (39.90) and closed @ 39.80. Pretty good volumes traded too. So, like I said just hold on to your horses. Not a good idea to change horses mid-course. Of course, the only other advice is to back your own instinct on some other scrip beating SAIL to the post, that is assuming you have a clear & confident Exit target in SAIL in mind.
ONLINE TRADER, you are smiling now :) . Your SAIL horse has broken out of it's corral today & galloping on. Your Cost Price of 41.30 is way behind now as it has closed at 43:00 today.

TRADERJI, you are the professional; what is a realistic exit level for this scrip in the current bull phase ?

TRADERJI, you already know that most members of this forum are all amateurs & depend heavily on professional advice from sources like you. Your inputs are highly appreciated & above all, thanks for this forum. Your tips & comments are almost always bang-on. Thanks!

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