Trading Plan Template


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This is one of the best stuff posted here. Either everybody is a supertrader here with excellent trading plans, or they are non-traders with no trading plans. Thats why this post is buried here with no replies. This gives a clear direction to make a Tpaln. Thanks
Great stuff,Niranjanam.......and thank you Beginner AV for raking it up.A trading plan is vital for any success in trading.........Haven't read the whole thing word to word,maybe after market,but looks good!

Thanks guys !!



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Posting here just to revive this thread!!!
Check out the link in the first post.....its still active even after a couple of years and the contents are really really valuable!!!!!
Do have a look!!!!!
Could have copied the link in a new thread but wish to give full credit to the Original poster of the link!
Thanks Niranjanam!!!


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This is simply superb... exactly what many of us are looking for...