Trading Hours on Stock Exchanges 09:00 AM to 11:55 PM


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Some volume will definitely increase, bcoz some new group of salaried traders will enter the market in evening or night currently who don't have access to the market bcoz of their busy work schedule.
Also if the market is open it is very hard to resist for a trader to stop trading. ;) So, most of the active traders would take part in trading in evening or night at least for few trades in their free time. Some trader will overtrade. :DD Some traders will think they can cover up day trading losses in night trading.
The worldwide economic events will also attract volumes.

I think the volume will slowly pick up after 2-3 years time span. As a new set of salaried gamblers will emerge. :playful: Let's see..

Indian market is going through major changes with extending trading hours.. The short-term technical pattern will also change, it will frustrate short time frame traders more often (more range bound times). For some traders, trading will be tough and for some traders, it'll attract more opportunities. Traders will find it very difficult to stop overtrading. And most importantly market will demand more patience. Trading with a 14 and half hour market is completely different than trading with the 6-hour market.
I know it bcoz I trade in Commodities Market too. Most of the equity trader will face difficulty in initial stages.

But, when some new age change is looking certain; it is better to be prepared and adapt yourself to changing condition. Still, there is few month time for preparation. Extending time is a reality....
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Since they are extending NSE closing hours to closing hours of MCX ( @ 11.30/11.55 PM),. why not adjusting opening hours of NSE to MCX opening hours.. (@ 10 AM)

ideal time should be 10 AM to 11.30/11.55 PM, if at all they wanted to increase trading hours.. ( or bring MCX also opens at 9.15 AM ;););))

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