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Hello VNS, which account do I use for funds transfer (EQ) ?? I already have 2 in my list, and now your website mentions a third one (VNSF <account number - VNSFYGJR01):

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Also, the bank list does not show your full details

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Many years ago when we had started, we were using the regular account traditional NEFT. The challenge with it was that it used to take 3-5 hours to reflect in our system and give the limit.

Few years ago we started using a technology based Yes bank product where the payin alert would come much earlier and the limit would also be automatically updated. When news started coming in about the trouble with Yes bank, we started working with ICICI on a product similar to Yes bank. So when RBI had put a moratorium on Yes, we went live with ICICI the next day and have been using ICICI since then.

So in short, the ICICI account mentioned in our knowledge base article is the one to be used. Please delete the others.

Whenever we switched payin accounts we had sent out a communication. Seems you may have missed that email.

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