Tom Demark Trading strategy

I am starting this new thread to discuss Tom Demark trading startegy and share views, opinions and experiences about using these techniques. There are some very good and valid points about DeMark method as it tries to remove subjectivity from trading and tries to create a methodology that can be used without any random choices.

Those who are not aware of Tom Demark's methodology, I would suggest to read one book, "Demark Indicators" by Jason Perl, as he discusses this methodology in a very clear and precise manner.

There are many aspects of Tom Demark trading startegy. The most famous one is his Sequential 9. This has been discussed here on Traderji forum :

In this thread, first of all, I want to focus and discuss about Demark trendlines using fractals and its utility in trading. Demark uses a very precise definition of Trendline and removes all kind of ambiguity and subjectivity from it. I believe that without any doubt trendline in itself is such a power tool that can alone be sufficient to guide us to take right trading decision .... provided we draw right trendline. I invite famous experts and pioneers of Traderji forum to share their invaluable inputs on this topic.


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