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Hi friends !

I am just less than a 3 days old in this forum. I have come here in search of good discount broker. Now I am starting to browse the forum to find where I can get today's day trading top stocks/ picks by the forum. I am unable to find the stuff I wanted, can any one suggest what are threads highlights to find today's top picks by forum members that are daily many times posted by all members? If such thread is not there, I request all the seniors members with good trading experience and accuracy list your picks for our members quick snapshot of scips for day traders here.

My advance thanks for forum members for posting their daily tips to pick

BUY or SELL calls with stop losses.
stock buzz india. they are charging 2000/ per month. is good site.they are charging 550/ per month. is an excellent site with guidances of mr.Hemant Prekh, mr.Nitin prode ,vinod,Siddharth and so many experinced people.
Hi Ravindhra If u r a scalper their are brokers In Mumbai with very cheap brokers But they are not reliable U have to filter from a long list. Or u can choose Zerotha they are getting popular If u want a fixed brokerage U can choose RK global And RKVS .U can also choose from angel and sharekhan and many more For regular trade and Investment :)

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