The stock market and Hindi films


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Films and the stock market

With three days to go, I am in a Holiday mood. Besides as a great philosopher said," One should try and explore the interconnection between things"

In addition to cricket, I could not try and draw analogies between stock market and the other great Indian passion, hindi films.:-

Both defy logic. It is difficult to find rationality in Hindi films as in the stock market.

Both follow the principle "Everything that is successful is not neccesarily good and vice=versa" Unaeshetically made films do well in the box office and good films suffer commercially at times. So it is with stocks.

Friday is crucial for both. In Hindi films, it is said that the fate of a hero changes every friday. In the stock market, Friday closing has a lot of significance.

Though Hollywood has the best technology, India makes the largest number of films. In the stock market, at least trader if not investor education is nowhere compared to where it is in the US. Considering the level of ignorace, the participation is quite good especially after NSE proliferation.

In both the respects, India apes the US.

Both follow the principle," The trend is my friend". There are any number of clones of the current films that work.

There is so set formula. I remember one reknowned film director said," With thirty years in the Industry, I don't know what will work and what will not work". In the stock market, we are always our toes looking for the ultimate trading strategy.

Though some of the women that appear in CNBC are very obviosly knowledgeable , one wonders whether some of the new pretty faces who appear on CNBC are like heroines in most hindi films- style without substance. I am not complaining about their presence but one really wonders whether they would be able to "rally" or "decline" in a duel with our traderji. My apologies to the ladies in the forum, if any. I know women are better than men in many repects but here we are talking in a different context. Besides, some heroines in films have themselves conceded that the filmindustry is maleoriented. Women are deemed to dominate the TV serials.

Talking of women, both stock market and films have sense(sex) though of a different kind.

In India, both create mass hysteria.

The difference is that in Films, there is no stop loss. Only few investors have achieved fame compared to the film stars.

Conclusion- Its nice to seem at par with cricketers and film stars even if illusory , isn't it? Exploring shoud not be restricted to trading or metastock.
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This occured to me later. 95% of the traders fail. I think hindi films too have a similar high failure rate.

They say "There is no business like show business" . Wonder what can one say about the stock market.


Also patterns - the same bull shit rehash is done again and again in bollywood
Rich girl poor boy-murdered father son revenge-same songs with dil,jigar,kidney etc
In the market the same kind a losers come salivating to earn 10 percent a day and go back learning nothing.Patterns patterns everywhere


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You are right. They dunno how to reinvent themselves.

Talking of patterns, these analogies are also an exercise in pattern thinking. I read somewhere that intelligence is connecting two disparate things and trying to take out something new. Even according to Krishnamurthy, one has got to continously explore interconnection between the elements of the universe.
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