Technical Analysis Software - Key points fo consider

Key points fo consider before buying a Technical Analysis Software

Technical analysis and charting software can be of great assistance to a trader or investor in developing a trading system and in making specific trading decisions. The following sets out a number of key points to consider prior to buying any such software package.

Hardware System Requirements
Ensure that your computer system will be adequate to run the software program efficiently. Most technical analysis programs require at least a Pentium II chip, a large capacity hard drive and plenty of memory. Also a 17" or larger monitor is desirable.

Software Features
The software should include a sufficient number of built-in technical indicators to help you analyze market moves. It should also let you create several different types of charts and include charting toolbars allowing you to refresh data and change periodicity.

Ensure that you have acquired a sufficient knowledge of the principles of technical analysis before purchasing a technical analysis software program. Otherwise, much of the information processed and displayed by the program may not make sense to you.

Ease of Use & Product Support
Consider how easy the software is to use. Avoid packages that require a steep learning curve to and that are overly cumbersome in their operation.
Also, find out whether the vendor offers after-sale support for the software.

Data Feeds
Find out whether the software vendor provides data for you to use with the software and, if so, whether a separate fee applies for this data. If the vendor does not provide this data, you will have to arrange to purchase it from another supplier.
I havent ever used a sophisticated technical analysis software ... but have done a bit of technical analysis basics on excel .....

Wondering if the technical analysis software use anything other than these data points ....

Symbol Series Mkt type Date Prev Close Open High Low Close Total Traded Qty Turnover <br>in Lacs

Please advise. Regards.
Technical analysis software's use the same information that you see in the stock quotation section of most business papers, namely:

open, high, low, close prices and volume and/or open interest(in the case of futures).

In case you are interested, you can download a free technical analysis software from
i am very good in excel and we can develop very good software. can you share your ideas or software to me on my email - sharadkarkar at g m a i l dot com


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