Technical analysis of fundamentals


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This is an interesting analysis where fundamentals like P/E and EPS among other ratios are plotted against one another on a graph:-

I have always wondered why there are no graphs for FIIS/mutualfunds investments since they are reputed to drive the markets. If volume precedes price, they precede volume,do't they? There has to be a graph plot on them to enable us to know what they are plotting in the market:-

They more than anything need a plot.
Since they occupy such a unique slot
Graphic info about them should imrove our lot( with/without odd lot)
Otherwise wrong decision can prove to be such a blot
That it may not soon be filled as a bloodclot. (or a Technical gap)

Jokes apart, I will appreciate any info on graphs or data on FII/mutual funds.

If anybody knows anything about fundamental analysis software, do let me know. Thanks in advance.


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What about graphs on inflation rate, interest rates, crude oil. If they are as important as CNBC makes them out to be, better to see them on a graph.
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Hi all,

Nice idea Technicall fundamental analysis . I found some articles on TSAC mag few yrs back on above subject but forget exactly issue details :)

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