i want to start trading.please suggest me where should i begin.i am thinking of joining equity arbitrage course at BIFM.is this a good idea? please tell me something about aritrage.at BIFM they told me its risk free and i can do that at home.how much money is initially needed to make 10,000 to 20,000 as the profit margin is very less in it.IS THIS THE RIGHT WAY TO START AS AN TRADER?,please refer me books to learn more about trading.
thank you
dear jain,

All the very best in your venture. try to read books on financial markets, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, risk management. It is not the capital that determines your success, but your determination and perseverance.

dear jain,

arbitrage is a term used for capitalising on price disparity of the same product in two different markets. during the course of your reading into the subjects i mentioned in the earlier post, you will definitely come to learn about how to use the idea in your trading.

Personally, I do not know any institute offering any such course in arbitrage


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