Happy Teacher's day


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Matrudevo Bhava!!!!!Pitrudevo bhava!!!!!Acharyadevo bhava!!!!!Athidhidevo bhava!!!!

It is difficult to remember all teachers ,especially one has schooling at different
places.We tend to forget our Elementary School teachers since our knowledge is limited.
Calling a TEACHER to have profound impact on once career ,is a bit far-fetched ,because
our foundations are laid by them.

Giving a big SALUTE to all my teachers ,I am not unable to mention the name of one
such my high school teacher ,KOTESWARARAO of S.Ch.B.R.M.High school, Bhimavaram (West Godavari District) AP.

He was my English and Maths teacher.He used to make us DRILL in English.He used to give
a VERB and ask us to translate into 24 sentences.(4*3*2)
[Simple,Continuous,Perfect and Perfect Continuous;Past,Present and Future;
Active and Passive]
In MATHS ,he used to encourage to solve a problem in 2 or 3 ways ,not mere getting one
solution in just one way.

I owe a lot to him and express my gratitude to him through this website.
guru is most important in our life.we learn each and every moment from kid to old.they are also our guru.BUT Heavy task teach to write alphabets and letters when we kid one.we must thank them first....they are light our path...we have to respect our school to college teachers.


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I happened to study in a school in a small village GOLLALAKODERU near
Bhimavaram (WG dt) AP.There were no four walls around ,just thatched
roof ,to protect from SUN and RAIN.It was situated on the banks of a POND.
Every day ,each class ,used to water the vegetable plants.In fact we used to
eagerly wait for our turn (it comes once in WEEK).

We used to grow Bendi, Tomato ,Mirchi, Cabbage ,Cauli flower etc..and all
the products used to go our TEACHERS. (After all they used to pay for seeds and fertilizers).
In this way , we used to show our token appreciation to our

I reckon it as my best classroom in my life !!!

!!! Happy Teacher's day !!!

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